Song for Brett Riffle

from by Otto Mann

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Written in the late spring/early fall of 2015 for our good friend Brett Riffle. Brett was our 2nd drummer back when our band name was "Boomerang Brothers." Twice a week we would have our practices in the style that most punk bands do. We would drive through traffic or take the bus through the Chicago snow to get to a cramped, cold and stale smelling basement in a dodgy part of town. For 2 years we stood inches away from each others faces, yelling into microphones, inhaling asbestos and writing songs. Those songs were the foundation for what would later become Otto Mann and while we don't play any of them anymore, guitar, bass, and lyrics have been adopted from them and worked into songs on this album. Brett had been our drummer through the infancy of the band and helped us mature into the band we are today. Due to unseen circumstances, in early 2015 Brett moved back to Ohio and out of Chicago. We were very sad to part ways with him so suddenly. This song was inspired by Brett's departure from the band coupled together with my own experiences of leaving friends behind or friends leaving me behind.Its a hard thing to deal with, when your life changes suddenly and drastically, for the better or for the worst. Hope Ohio is treating you well buddy, we love you.


I rise and say that its time for me go to,
It's hard because the comfort of these moments
is all I've really ever known.
There's a list of excuses I check off mentally.
But I cant here the words as they leave my lips

Its such a contradiction
saying no when yes is what you're thinking.
Instead of discussing the hard things
we choose silence instead.
And the thoughts that press on my heart are heavy
its a hollow feeling that pretty soon,
Ill be a stranger.

Everything that's changing just needs to stay the same
and everything that wont change just needs to, or get the fuck out of the way.

Do you remember?
Look at the faces, the faces
You thought you knew.

Everything that's changing just needs to stay the same
and everything that wont change just needs to, or get the fuck out of the way.


from Lousy Weather, released September 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Otto Mann Chicago, Illinois

Vince - Vocals
Nic - Guitar
Tinkey - Drums
Samuel - Bass

What started as two acquaintances just coming together to play a house show, quickly turned into four dudes making music in a crowded dank basement in Chicago. Otto Mann is honest, open hearted, quick to temper and occasionally belligerently gushy. We write music for the kids we used to be and the idiots we've now become. ... more

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